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Okay…..We are making this happen….for a few more weeks at least. Another post in such a short amount of time. Boom! Yaayyy!! At this rate I will completely exhaust all of my Christmas knowledge by mid-winter and have to start up a vacationing foodie blog or some such thing. I’m was going to do this a […]


So, I will totally admit I’m once again behind in this blog thanks to work. I’m posting one of this year’s mixes from my mixcloud page to tide you all over. I promise to update soon. My faves on this mix are: Spiritual Guidance by Titan,  Happy Birthday Jesus by Exile and Hello Santa by […]


I’m a big fan of Krampus and he will get his just dues eventually, today I wanted to focus on another Christmas disciplinarian, the Belsnickel. Belsnickel is usually seen as a lanky person who dresses up in fur clothing, paints his face, wears a mask and attaches bells to his costume. With his one hand, […]

Frosty’s Top Five Movies That Take Place At Christmas

gremlins carol

I love Christmas movies, whether it’s the Claymation specials, Bad Santa or even Santa Claus with Muscles. This List isn’t about those movies. This is  a list of my top 5 movies that take place at Christmas, but aren’t traditionally considered Christmas movies.
In no particular order:
1. Rocky 4 (1985) – Rocky fights the big Russian Drago on Christmas Day. Throughout the movie there are festive scenes, followed by the training scenes in the cold of Siberia. The movie actually ends with Rocky giving a speech about caring, sharing, and loving your neighbors and then wishes his son Merry Christmas. And don’t forget there is a robot with a Christmas bow running around Rocky’s mansion at some point if I’m remembering all of this correctly.

2. Edward Scissorhands (1990) – Not entirely set at Christmas, however, the last third of the movie features ice sculptures and Christmas decorations. There’s also the story telling of an aged Winona Ryder explaining to her granddaughter why it always snows at Christmas. Let’s not forget the heartbreaking scene in which Edward’s creator presents him with regular hands for Christmas, but dies before he can attach them.

3. Less Than Zero (1987) – Clay returns home from college for the holidays and discovers how much has changed while he was away. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, the story highlights the decadence, greed, and selfishness of the 1980s. The movie features plenty of Christmas decorations and parties.

4. Just Friends (2005) – Ryan Reynolds plays a former fat nerd  returns to his home town, not having been there since graduating from high school. Now in shape and successful, he tries to right a few wrongs, and win the love his life, a girl who kept him in the “friend zone” for most of high school. Tons of carolers, decorations, snow and Christmas mentions throughout the movie. This movie is seriously hilarious and I would recommend all of you to watch it.

5. Gremlins (1984) – Billy Peltzer is given a small creature called a mogwai for Christmas. It has some specific rules of care which he neglects to follow. Chaos ensues as the Gremlins destroy a small town at Christmas.